Build Operate and Transition


“In the magnificence of business, you have to build on character.”

We at Omniscience offer services for creating not just a business or organization but a brand. From scoping out and acquiring location to company formation, we take you step by step, via open and transparent communications, through the process of designing, procurement and installation, up to the final hand-over. Our key areas of service include company incorporation, recruitment and infrastructural, operational, networking or technical assistance. Whether it is your headquarters, back office or support center, we assist in wire framing of the company and ensure a customer centric integration of all services.

We assist your recruitment process from the head to the tail of the team with headhunting, candidate background checks, social media scanning and verification in terms with customer requirements.

We not only help you in building new projects but can also assist to revamp, expand or breathe a fresh air of life into your existing ones. Our years of experience, expertise and dedication helps us in analyzing your business needs and providing solutions that integrate the complex amalgamation of basic needs and technological advancements.


Our team of experts understands the value of operational management, and our assistance in operation phase guarantees the optimization of all components as per your functional requirements. Understanding the SOP of the customer we plan and execute necessary training for all employees with an improved efficiency and productivity.  Our technical and management teams help to form and modify operational aspects of your business to improvise sales and revenue. We assist in implementation of operational aspects in sync with a strategic customer-acquisition policy.


We believe in nurturing businesses beyond fixed timelines. Our experienced team assists in carrying out operations from all faucets as needed until the customer is satisfied and the new trained team can take over all operations.  We firmly believe in hand-holding our clients till stability is achieved and are at their service even after their business is running in full bloom. We are proud of our relations with our previous clients who still consider Omniscience as an omnipresent part of their organization.